Nov. 5

So I’ve finally got a vision down for Seeing and a solid belief in the project- but everything I’ve writter is wholly unorganized and I’m not sure where to start. I don’t know WHAT to do with all that I’ve already written. Well- I have a couple options. a) Keep writing it from where I’ve left off- until the absolute end, and then rewrite, edit, pull it all together. b) I could  trash it and start from scratch but I know I won’t need to. c) Another option is to continue writing all the scenes that I’ve outlined separately and then piece them all together. d) or I could do a combination of the two. 


One problem is I keep thinking of other mini/sub plots to add in and then I spend entirely too much time on an outline. (Wait. the mini/sub plots part is NOT an issue. Ideas are never an issue. These actually make my story 10x better) I spent the last year drafting and redrafting and writing bits and pieces of scenes scenes scenes and entire chapters. Now how do I pull it together?


Another problem is that I come up with my greatest stuff writing with no outline, just placing the characters in different, interesting situations. This causes a bunch of pieces of scenes that might fit in somewhere but don’t really have a home. Oh wait. This isn’t a problem either. These little pieces of scenes really add to the tone and the characterization of the characters, and give me more ideas, and make my story better. I just have a hard time PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER WHEN I HAVE SO MANY BLOODY IDEAS. And staying on one track is hard.


AN UP SIDE: I’ve finally come to terms with WHO I am as a writer, and what my writing style is. This is very, very significant. And I’ve realized just how much I don’t care about what people think, how much money I make, or anything. All that’s important is that I complete the vision the the god Muse has dictated to me. I have been blessed with an incredible imagination and ability. One day everything will come together.

After this one’s done, I plan on pursuing two other novels and a script. Let’s hope I FINISH by December 1st, right? It’s already very much written… I just really suck at saying ‘FUCK YOU’ to the Resistance.


By the way, thank you Steven Pressfield, fellow Trinidadian and life changing book writer.. 


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