Day Three

I’ve been rereading and reevaluating in my head. More plot thinking. And I wrote some unrelated things. Brief ones. But no progress on the story. I’m not concerned, though. I was sick. Sick and distracted. But I’ll be much better tomorrow. I’m feeling encouraged. I’m not going to give up. I almost wish I could turn off my email, turn off the TV and keep it off until Thanksgiving. That’s why I stay up all night to work- no one to call me, text me, email me, nothing on TV to bother me. Absolutely no distractions. My best writing always takes place in the red hours.

I’m really not concerned. The more I think about plot, the better the story- right? But i’m missing out on quality writing time. But who can blame the ill? Anyhow, I will do better tomorrow. I know I CAN beat the resistance and I will.

Something that helps to motivate me is thinking of the end result. So incredible. So, so incredible. Looking at successful people’s tweets and such, you can see how much they value hard work.


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