November 6th! Day Two of Completing

I’m trying to get this motherfucker done in a week. I really could if I just get myself into the flow of things. The problem is by the time I get into the flow of things I’m ready to pass out. So I’m way too hyped up on caffeine and a little hungry, but I still have at least 5 & a half hours until bed. I’m thinking that if I WAIT until morning to eat, my body will burn through the caffeine and hydrate with water, and then I can get up and have a PC veggie burger with my last whole wheat bun…. Mmm. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

When I DO get into the flow of things, I fucking find every excuse not to do my work. So fuck everything except this project, man.

I’m going to complete an entire chapter tonight. I just read a previous chapter that I wrote and it was fucking powerful. All I could say when I’d finished was whoa.

I wish I believed in myself a little more!


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