Why I’m Tossing My Outline

Actually, I worked too much and too long on it to really do that- instead, I’m just going to put it away. When I have the outline next to me or around, it makes writing… not fun. If I already have a carefully memorized idea of how it’s going to go, I don’t need to constantly refer to every single scene.

My BEST work has been without planning, purely on instinct. And it tends to flow better, and not be as painful. It’s also more entertaining for me, as I write. 


And every time I write instinctively and change something, I spend copious amounts of time and effort re-drafting my outline- and well, it’s sort of pointless. I understand the need to create something that ties up all at the end, but my mind has the capacity to remember everything I want to include, and I DO have drafted outlines to use as reference when I finish writing and I go back through to fill in the blanks.

I’m definitely going to write out a couple chappys today. I can feel it in my head. This is great. This is the mindset. 

It’s cold and incredibly windy- the wind is making my balcony doors crack- the tiny rocks and leaves hitting the glass make popping sounds that make me jump from time to time.

Despite everything everyone around me is going through, I am happy. I am happy because I’m on the right track. And me accomplishing this is only going to help them all. 


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