Alright. It’s been a year. Fuck this shit man. I’m going to finish this shit. 

Here’s my plan. I want to have my query out about a week and half before Christmas. And I mean mailed, sent, gone to all the agents/publishers (haven’t decided yet). This means I have two and a half weeks to finish writing, editing, and querying. 

Today is November 24. Say I want to finish 30 chapters, it will take me about ten days if I write three chapters a day. (I’ve already written most of these, I just sort of go through them and fill them out, while refining the plot.) 

So if today is Sunday, November 24th, And I’ve already done the first three chapters, I could be finished with the write out by December 3rd. I really, really could. And then I have until the 9th to do any major plot refinements. This gives me exactly 16 days, to write and do major editing.

START WRITING QUERY: DECEMBER 9TH. You have one week to write, edit, share, get criticism, etc, on your query.

(meanwhile editing the book)


(still editing the book)

LAST DAY for this is DECEMBER 18, 2013

She’s a revolution. Everyone loves her, hates her, and wants to be her- she’s got a life full of fucked up shit- and yet she’s everyones envy, if not- she’s way too interesting to NOT want to read. This is why my main character is going to win girls hearts everywhere. I can just see her, folding her black clothed arms over her chest as she stares into oblivion, looking more lost than ever.


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