I believe in The Secret

I believe in “the secret” because its true, evident, and it works. I thought about a friend from middle school for a couple days and she texted me, wanted to meet me for coffee! I’m in Uni, for noodles sake.

Then I often imagine seeing my gym empty and when I get there… It is.
And I sometimes even do that with other small things and it works 75% of the time depending on my concentrated effort.

Life IS a product of your assumptions.

One night, I had a dream about a small wooden shack- and it was a big time but old fashioned publishing house. It had a letter lying on te table and while I waited, I snooped. It was written to me. But the main boss, the owner, was vil, and so was the girl who signed me. They were scamming? Stirring up trouble. But it was like the people were abnormally small, because where I was everything was small, I could hardly stand straight. I just wanted to remember that.

So I need to start living the secret in everyday life.


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