Why am I up at 6:05 AM and I haven’t slept yet?

When you know tomorrow’s gunna be a bitch-

but wait! It’s fucking Saturday 🙂

So I was mindlessly surfing the news, in my ‘break’ time, and Miss Anastasia Steele, aka Dakota said she obsessed over getting this part and bugged her manager/agent about it endlessly, she couldn’t even sleep at night- and she got the part. Like she put all this energy into this project and literally attracted it into her life. If that’s not the secret then I don’t know what is!

And I’m up ’till six for God only knows what reason because I haven’t had anything except a Diet Coke (the mexican kind, from Velvet Taco, THE taco place in dallas) that had caffeine- and-


And I’m hoping all the energy I’m putting into this project will pay off. 

I feel like I’m waiting for the final, resounding detail to help me complete this project, and piece together the pieces. But what is it? 

I’m probably wasting my time waiting. It’s probably deep, deep down inside of me. Just waiting to be uncovered. Just like the whole start of this did. I had always had that idea subconsciously, and one day it uncovered.


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