Why I Only Come Here to Complain

I try- I try to be positive hereupon this blog. But when things are going well I try not to do anything but write. That’s probably my problem. 

Or part of it. I woke up with the most wonderful ideas, like I was sleeping, dreaming these ideas. I FINALLY have a clear vision for the entire book, beginning, middle and end- and now I simply can’t write. What’s wrong with me? 

All this stress led me to do all these other regretful things. Time is ticking. Time is running out. 

But here’s the thing: I have a clear outline. Most of it is WRITTEN- and most of it is IN my head. So why can’t I just do it?

The fucking Resistance again. 

I have found reading some of past posts very helpful, though, which makes me feel slightly better. Wish me luck, World. 

I HAVE gotten a good bit of progress done in the last few days, though- and praised myself 😉


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