It’s only December 6th and we’re having an ice storm- in Dallas?

Last night I woke at 3 and bits of ice didn’t stop tinkling the glass of my window for the next few hour that I attempted to sleep, reading, writing, watching TV, rolling over again and again and closing my eyes, wishing for sleep, scribbling down thoughts…

A loud crack ensued and what sounded like a showering of fine ice hit sounded perfectly against my window. The branch of the three-story tall tree outside my window, it’s leaves more like feathery ferns, had cracked low, and a large part of it completely broke off and fell to the floor. I could just make out the snowy branch in the dark. 

The wet slated concrete in the dark reflected the light of the moon- it spread blurredly across it. No one is outside because a thick layer of ice is on the ground and it’s impossible to do anything but slip. It’s windy and oddly off-putting, the lack of humanity out. Freaky. Empty. No noise but the wind brushing through the trees.


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