There are three things that I hope my readers take away from my novels.



 1) To be grateful for everything they have, because if you are able to hold a book in your hands, that’s something to be grateful for! Gratitude doesn’t mean feeling guilty for what you do have. Gratitude means feeling happy and appreciating BY being happy and always, wantingly, willingly doing step three.


2) Follow your dreams. Everyone has dreams for a reason- because it’s what you are meant to do with your life. Everyone else has a purpose- or else what are we doing here? Scratching our asses and playing games? LIFE is meaningful and therefore has reason. You will only be happy if you are in the process of following and achieveing your dreams.


3) Do charity. If you really feel grateful for what you have and the abundance of what you have, wouldn’t you want others to have some of that as well? You can certainly afford to give it to them.


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