As of today I am officially a vegan…

To say my health is better overall is an understatement. I eat well.

No more sinus problems- no more post nasal drip, no need to rinse my sinuses at all, and I used to rinse them every single day!

No acne- nada. Not even a blackhead/whitehead. (Remind me why people like to eat other animals hormonal milk again, when they can have soy milk, almond milk, and rice milk?!? All of which I like, btw.)

And not eating dairy has removed a like, sluggish brain fog and energy fog from my entire being.

I’m most mad that I decided to try to the Atkins diet, which for a vegetarian, meant eating a lot of full fat cheese- which just made me sick. And the whole time, all I had to do was continue the vegan lifestyle I started before.

For anyone who’s worried about eating too much soy, I’ve been eating a lot of soy my entire life and am in perfect health. Lately I’ve been drinking an entire cup of soy milk a day and I love it.

It just so happens I recently encountered a dog shelter…

Nothing makes me happier than contributing to the aid of abused animals all over the world. I put most of my salary money in the donation box for stray puppies and it made me feels so good. I only wish I had MORE money to give them! Dogs are the MOST loving animals on the planet- this I know, and though no animal deserves euthanizing and mistreatment, dogs especially should not be !

I got SO emotional when I visited the stray dogs from the Ice Storm we had a couple weekends ago. These dogs probably had homes and families and now they’re gone- or maybe these dogs had no homes and suffered in the ice storm alone until they were picked up! And 90% of them were smaller pups. God, it would make me soo happy to help them one day.


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