A major reason I think people get depressed/sick:


Since I was a child I dreamt of doing so many things (every one does), and because of this blasted, pessimistic adulthood that was a learned behavior on my part, I thought all those things were childless, impossible/not-possible-right-now dreams. I’m an adult and I STILL think I need to wait because ‘I don’t have the money, I don’t have the time, this this and this is more important.’

But why should I WAIT to live?

People die all the time, I could die tomorrow. Or I can spend the next ten years saving up money for the vacation that will never happen, and being a mix of miserable, wishful, hoping all the while.

I always wanted to go to Ireland, Scotland- travel first class on the train to all these amazing places across Europe. But there’s also so much of the U.S that I haven’t seen! Though I think experiencing another culture entirely is important, I can go to places like Charleston, SC- Seattle, Washington, do some skiing in Colorado… I haven’t even been to California. The most states I’ve been to are NY, Atlanta, Florida, Michigan, Louisiana, and Texas, my home, and I still feel like I could visit ALL those places again and still have things to do and enjoy it very much!

I hope that before I have children, I get to visit all these wonderful cities. I think I’m just going to make it happen.


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