I started running again.

Let sleeping Puppies lie
Let sleeping Puppies lie

It has been unusually cool but beautiful in Dallas these last few days. Nothing a former Torontonian would complain about.

So when I started running outside, the people of Dallas stared at me. They stared so hard, with an amalgam of emotion– shock, confusion, wonder, horror. Some even did double takes. “What on earth is– is she running? In this cold?”

Little do they know how great it has been for me. I thought those people who cry in SoulCycle classes were probably very unhappy people unaccustomed to feeling good. But now, I get it. A couple weeks ago I could only run for five minutes at a time without getting tired. And I got so bored being on the treadmill. Not to mention I looked out the window wistfully, craving to be with nature.

So I tried running outside (my fear of allergies prevented me). And did a little every day. It was still hard but I was surprised by how much more I enjoyed it. 10 minutes, then twenty, then thirty, and today I hit one hour of sprinting/jogging. It was so unbelievable to me that I could do that! I just looked around at the trees and enjoyed the scenic views of nature around me, and the time flew by. I NEVER felt like I would make it to the one hour mark, not to mention that quickly.

If you asked me what I think about running around outside, I would have said “That sounds EXHAUSTING!”

So basically, when I stopped forcing myself to keep running, when I stopped over analyzing my ability, when I stopped thinking about even the act of doing it while I was doing it, just not worrying about it at all…

I did it. with ease. I could have done it for hours and hours. It’s the strangest thing, to me, you see… it was just so actually… effortless. I was so busy thinking about other wonderful things in my head, projects I want to add to and things that make me happy like my dream home and cars.

And I just DID it without actually having to DO anything.

I wonder if this could be a way to how I might actually ACCOMPLISH anything writing wise…

(P.S. My abs are so strong and my tummy so slim. It’s incredible.)

I’m thinking about changing my theme to WordPress’ new default of 2015. I really like the theme and think I can make it mine, but it’s going to take time and effort and I don’t want to lose my current theme but it’s so grey and depressing but still I made it that way and  AM I INDECISIVE ENOUGH??


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