Finally finished outlining Seeinng!!

Yes! Victory is mine! I’ve finally got a fully fleshed out finalized plot down for my book, Seeing. Been up since 4:30 am working on it. And I’m so happy with it. It’s so entertaining and interesting for me as I’m writing..
I know exactly what I want for my readers.
I want Seeing to be that book you’re excited to read every night- or that you can’t stop yourself from reading all night! I want Seeing to be a book full of thoughts that you love. I want you to fall in love with the words, Charlie’s poetic musings. Become enthralled with her world.
I want you to feel as if you are her, curling your way through life.
I want you to want things for her, for her to find the right path that you can see but she can’t.
I want you to desperately want her to choose the love that you think fulfills her heart. 😊❄️❤️


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