My favorite thing about writing is also what makes it also absolutely terrifying.

That thing is that it so utterly limitless.

What gives me a thrill when I’m reading or writing is the infinite possibilities. I literally feel excitement go through me at every place the plot turns, excited at what I can make happen. The story could go this way or that– I can write the novel in a predictable manner or a wholly never-before done way. It can be complete fantasy or like real life… The plot can be devious and unexpected, or it can be totally extra extravagant and go in another direction, connect to a bigger fictional world. Writing is so unlimited.

But that is also what makes it difficult. I hold the pen, I’m in control of every one of the infinite decisions that has to be made: what is this character like? Are they going to save the story or be it’s downfall? What are they doing now? Scratching their ass? How will this end? Will this make it good, will this make it good, will this make it worth reading?

That’s why Stephen King says you should never come lightly to a blank page. That’s why some writers never truly write daily. It is so thrilling and yet, so, so terrifying.


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