Is he telling himself this, or does he truly believe it?

It's the little things...

I wanted a place where I could put all my doubts and fears and figure them out, so here it goes. My fiancee has a penchant for helping people… He has a beautiful, giving heart. I saw him help my sister and cousel her when she wouldn’t open up to me. But when I saw him start to exhibit the same kind of effort into a close female friend of both of ours, I got very jealous. In fact, I overreacted so much, I wondered if our relationship was over… the love of my life.

I know shes been texting him every day. He never hides these texts and in fact always shares them with me. And eventually I expressed to him that I didn’t like how wrapped up he seemed with her.

He’s not an artist like I am, which is difficult for me because even though he’s a…

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